Why Do Cats Hide Their Kittens? Know the Shocking Truth

Cats are shy animals by nature and they do not let humans know where they have hidden their kittens. They will wait for the right moment to move them again to another location with the help of their mothers. Cats are very fast creatures and they can easily escape from unwanted attention.

Cats give birth to their kittens in a secluded place away from human contact. The mother cats are very protective of their young ones, as the latter are not fully developed and cannot move on their own yet. Even after they have been born, she will still keep them in a separate place. The mother cat keeps the kittens warm by using her body and she will also take care of their feeding needs. She will continue to look after them until they are strong enough to move on their own and hunt for their food.

Now let’s look at 7 Reasons why cats hide their kittens.

7 Reasons Why Do Cats Hide Their Kittens?

Cats love their kittens very much and they will do anything to protect them from danger. When the mother cat is ready to give birth, she will look for a safe place in her territory where she can deliver her litter without endangering their lives. This may seem scary but are reasons why cats hide the kittens when they are born.

Are you curious as to why cats hide their kittens? Here are the reasons.

1) Safe and Comfortable Location

Cats are very protective of their young ones, so they will ensure that the place where she delivers her babies is safe and comfortable. Cats only deliver in places that are secluded and away from human contact. She will always look for a quiet place that is away from the hustle and bustle of human activity. This way, there will be no chance of her kittens being harmed while they are still young and vulnerable to danger.

Cats love to have a quiet area for sleeping so when humans make noises in the house or near the den, cats will find another quieter place for their kittens because they cannot protect them from outside dangers while asleep. The most important thing to remember is that cats need rest just like we do! 

2) Away from Predators

Cats do not deliver their kittens at a place where predators like dogs can reach them. Cats are very territorial animals and they will do anything to protect their own territory. Dogs have a habit of sniffing out areas where other animals live and they are known to attack young ones who cannot defend themselves from danger.

3) Their Safety

Cats make sure that their kittens stay safe while she is away at work looking for food or trying to find ways to survive in the wild. If there is an emergency, cats can easily escape from places with the help of their mothers. They can come back home later on when things have cooled down or calmed down on their own accord. This also gives mothers enough time to hunt for food for her litter as well as herself.

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4) Health Risks

Cats are not known to get a lot of attention from humans, especially when they are just starting their lives. The mother cat will make sure that her newborn kittens do not suffer any health problems while she is away at work looking for food and shelter for her family. Cats will also hide the kittens if they feel that there is a risk of them being discovered by human beings who may harm or kill them for fun.

5) Protection From Weather

Cats will always look for places where their young ones can be kept warm during cold weather. Cats are able to retain heat from their bodies so it’s natural that they deliver their kittens in a place where they can have enough protection from the cold weather outside. If the weather outside is really cold that even they are not able to survive, cats will make sure that their kittens stay warm inside.

6) Easy Delivery

Cats know their bodies well so when she feels like giving birth, she will find a place where she can deliver her litter without facing any health problems. Cats have litters of two or three kittens but some may end up having four or more young ones during their first delivery.

If it’s too much for the mother cat to handle by herself, then she needs to look for safe places where childbirth can be easy and comfortable at the same time. If there is an adult human being around who might want to take the babies away from them, this can be prevented if they hide their kittens first.

7) They Can’t Provide Proper Care

Cats are very busy animals who always need to work hard just to find food and shelter for themselves and their families. When they live in the wilderness, they are forced to do things that other cats won’t do like hunting and fighting wild animals for survival. It is quite common for cats to have scars all over their bodies because of how deep into trouble they get when trying to provide food for themselves as well as their young ones.

Cats love the safety of their own patch where it can be quiet and safe so that they can stay away from danger while looking after their newborns at the same time.

Where do Cats Hide their Kittens?

It is not a secret that cats love to hide. Even kittens are known to be hiding all around the house just for fun and enjoyment. Kittens will hide at the back of closets, in shoes and even under beds.

Cats know where their kittens are, no matter how dark or tight their hiding space may be. Some mothers like to look after their babies inside cupboards because it’s safer than letting them stay outside with all sorts of dangers lurking around.

Cats are great parents who make sure that her young ones do not become easy targets for predators looking for food and loots during these hard times when humans have decided to take away everything they own from them including land, homes and also food supply which has made living in the wilderness a more dangerous place that they used to.

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How Long Do Cats Stay With Their Kittens?

Cats are very busy and hardworking animals who need to be at work all the time because their young ones depend on them for everything. It is worth noting that female cats do not leave their kittens alone in one spot before they have grown into adults and can take care of themselves. This means that female cats stay with their kittens until they can fend for themselves as well as provide food for the entire family.

When there is a shortage of food or shelter around, cats will choose to delay having babies so it won’t affect their hunting activities. Female cats enjoy the company of other felines but they always go back to their own babies even when they are being told that the human being who looks after her is actually their own mother.

How long does it take for a kitten to grow up?

Kittens reach adulthood around six months of age. After reaching this stage, a kitten can acquire skills needed for survival by themselves or with very little help from their parents. Once cats reach adulthood, they often leave home and become independent hunters and fighters just like what wild predators do in the forest. This means that cats will be busy most of the time teaching their young ones how to survive on their own without depending too much on them once he decides that it’s time for his kittens to fly away from the nest and face life out there all by themselves.

How can I stop My Cat from Hiding their Kittens?

Does your cat have kittens? Have you noticed that they’re hiding them from you or making it difficult for you to find them?

The main reason behind this behavior is due to cat’s instinct. Mothers who do not protect their young will be hunted down by predators and killed while those who do will live on with their offspring- which means that hiding could mean the difference between life and death for both herself and her children!

Now we will share 3 tips that can help you get your cat back into the house, and stop the hiding of her kittens.

The first tip is that cats may not want to be around people because they feel unsafe or threatened in some way so it is important for those who find a stray pregnant cat to try and interact with her as much as possible while she’s still pregnant. This can include giving food or treats to entice her out of hiding if necessary but it also means interacting with her without touching anything which includes scratching furniture or anything that the cat may be defending. You can try to engage your cat with some toys or leave out some food in a quiet place. 

If she is still hiding, you can try leaving home for a couple days and see if that makes her more comfortable coming back into the house. If your cat comes up to you and meows excessively, this could mean that she is trying to tell you that something is wrong like there are invading animals outside or an injury has occurred so make sure to spend more time around her before continuing on your way out of the door every day when you wake up.

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The biggest reason why cats will hide their kittens from humans is because they want them to be safe from predators such as rats, dogs, and other cats. If you have a big dog or live in a place with pest issues, it’s important to keep an eye on your cat and kittens more carefully when they are young. They are very mobile and can be attacked at any time so it’s also important to check on them as often as possible if this is the cause of their hiding behavior.

Finally, you should make sure that your home has enough support for all of your animals because there may not be enough food available for everyone if one of them is outside of the house all the time hunting for bugs or rabbits which means that someone may need to eat less than usual. It’s also possible that there isn’t enough space inside especially if there are multiple cats in the household which means that it might be necessary to set up a cat run in the backyard for the outside cat and even provide some shelter from rain.

It’s also important to keep your pet indoors so they don’t get into fights with other neighborhood animals such as dogs or coyotes. If you are dealing with this problem, there is a spray called Feliway which can help your cats feel more comfortable around each other and stops them from exhibiting defensive behaviors like hiding kittens in fear of being attacked.

Final Thoughts

Cats are very protective animals. They want to keep their kittens safe and out of harm’s way, so when they see something that could be a potential threat, they will tend to hide the kittens from it. This is normal behavior in cats for this reason.

If you find yourself with an overprotective cat who won’t let you near their litter box or wants to cover up their babies’ eyes every time there’s a loud sound, don’t take offense at them being protective- just understand what might be happening and try not to make any sudden movements around them if possible. The best thing you can do is get more information on why your cat may be acting this way before making any changes in how you handle their situation.

Always remember that cats need some space too- don’t crowd around them while they’re hiding their babies!

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