Why Do Cats Like Windows? Amazing Facts You Don’t Know

Cats are curious creatures. They will spend hours looking out of windows, jumping on furniture that blocks the view, and even trying to climb up curtains or blinds just so they can get a better view. So the question is why do cats like windows?

The answer is very simple. They love to look out the window and watch what is happening in the world outside.

In this post we will explore some of the reasons cats love windows so much and give you some tips if you have one in your home!

Why Do Cats Look Out Windows So Much?

Cats are naturally very alert animals with lots of natural curiosity and they could simply be looking out onto what new things might have happened in your yard since the last time they were out. A lot of cats also appreciate looking at things from high ground for safety reasons.

They will spend hours staring out windows and watching birds, cars, or anything else that crosses their line of sight.

But you might be wondering what’s so interesting about watching a bird for hours on end? 

There are actually many reasons cats find themselves drawn to window-watching.

The first reason is that it can give them a sense of control over the environment as they watch from above.

The second reason is it may  provide them with exercise by getting up higher than usual and they may also enjoy feeling like an observer rather than an active participant in whatever is going on outside.

So, Whatever your cat’s reason for being attracted to looking at things through windows, there are plenty of ways you can help him get his fix without breaking your budget.Now let’s discuss those easy and practical tips.

Three Ways to Save Money on Window Treatments for Your Cat

Window treatments are no fun when they cost a lot of money, but cats don’t care about what things cost as long as they get the view that they want! Here are some ways you can save money by window-treating your home without breaking your budget:

Use Curtains and Blinds 

These two items have similar functions, depending on which one you choose. Curtain styles will usually allow cats to see through them, while blinds offer more coverage from outside views so cats feel like there’s less danger lurking just out of sight. The main downside is that these won’t insulate against cold or hot temperatures outdoors- so if it gets too chilly cats can’t walk in front of the window to warm up and you’ll need a heater or cooler.

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Use Frosted Window Film 

This is an easy way to cover your cats favorite windows without having to spend any money on expensive treatments! It’s also very easily removable. The only downside is that this doesn’t offer as much protection from outside elements like wind since there isn’t anything keeping them out other than gravity; but if your cats are small enough then these usually will work well with little effort required for installation!

Purchase Cat Screens 

These are screens specially made for cats that can be installed in a window to protect cats from any outside elements. They come in a variety of styles and cover the entire surface, meaning cats get plenty of protection without you having to break your budget!

What Are Cats Thinking When They Look Out the Window?

Cats probably spend the majority of their day sleeping, which is the natural way to recharge.

But sometimes it’s nice to have a change in scenery, so they might be taking some time out from their catnap for a quick look outside.

In fact, many cats enjoy sitting in front of windows and grooming themselves by licking their fur and flicking it neatly into place all with a view!

Cats are pretty lowkey animals when it comes to showing how they’re feeling- especially at things like TV screens (they can’t watch Animal Planet anyway).

But there are some ways you’ll know if your kitty has seen something that surprised or scared him.

Why Does My Cat Meow at the Window at night?

Cats are notoriously vocal animals and meowing at the window is one of their most iconic behaviors.

They do this for a number of reasons, some more obvious than others. Now we’ll explore three possibilities that may be behind your cat’s nightly ritual. 


Your cat might be looking outside to see what’s going on or maybe they’re just curious about why you spend so much time near the window when it seems like there isn’t anything interesting happening outside.


It could also mean that something out there scares them- either another animal or human-related activity- and they want you to come rescue them from harm.


The last possibility is that your kitty is hungry and looking for a meal.

But cats don’t usually meow to get attention, so you’ll need to feed them right away in order for this one to be the cause of their behavior!

Why Do Cats Sleep on Window sills?

Now we are gonna talk about a behavior that seems common with cats: sleeping on window sills.

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We’ve seen many people assume this is because they like the warmth of the sunlight, but it’s actually more likely due to their natural instinct as predators.

Cats are often up in trees and high places stalking prey, so resting on window sills might remind them of being up high somewhere safe and looking down at their potential next meal! 

Cats will have a hard time getting warm if it’s cold outside because the insulating quality of glass is low. 

If it gets too chilly, cats can’t walk in front of the window to warm up so you’ll need an electric heater or cooler for this purpose.

Can You Open Windows If You Have an Indoor Cat?

The question you may be asking yourself is “Can I open windows if I have an indoor cat?”.

The answer to this question is yes, but with a few precautions.

You should still keep your windows closed when the sun goes down and at night because cats can’t see very well in low light. Cats also don’t like sudden changes in temperature so make sure that you’re opening up a window for no more than 15 minutes to let out some of that heat from inside your home and then close it before letting any hot air back in.

Is It Cruel to Keep an Indoor Cat?

Cats are often kept as pets in the comfort of their owner’s house and given all the food, attention, and love that they need. But is it cruel to keep an indoor cat?

No, It’s not.

Cats can enjoy living indoors just as much as they would outdoors if you put some thought into your home’s design.

The first thing to consider is what kind of space you have available for the cat. If you live in a studio apartment or an old house with narrow hallways, keeping a cat indoors might be too difficult because there will not be enough room for them to roam freely around your small living space. However, if you live in a two-story home with plenty of open spaces inside and out then by all means go ahead and get an indoor cat.

What Is It Called When A Cat Looks Out The Window?

The word “basking” has two meanings: one being that cats like basking under sunlight and the other meaning being cats that are watching for prey.

There is no better example of a cat basking than this one:

When cats see or hear something outside, they’ll often stand up and press their body against the window to get a closer look. This position allows them to make themselves appear larger.

It’s also possible that your cat is looking out of the windows because he/she can’t sleep for longer periods due to anxiety or frustration. So, your kitty wants a soothing sleeping experience while looking out the window.

Can a Cat Jump From a First Floor Window?

Well, the answer is no. Cats are able to jump up to 5 feet high.

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Some cats are especially agile and enjoy window-sill lounging or climbing trees but this does not mean that they will be able to survive any dangerous falls that come along. 

Cats can have accidents including falling from windows and balconies, breaking bones when they try to cling onto the ledge. In these cases, the animal must be retrieved as quickly as possible because a fall on a hard surface could cause severe injury or death.

How do I get my cat to stop yowling outside the open window at night?

Do you have a cat that’s always yowling outside the open window at night?

There are some easy ways to get your cat to stop and stay inside. One way is by closing off all of the windows with screens on them, so that when your cat tries to meow out he just can’t make any noise.

Another option is by creating an outdoor enclosure for your pet where it can go out and enjoy the fresh air while still being safe from predators. The enclosure should be covered with netting or wire mesh so that any bugs, birds, or other animals cannot enter and harm your kitty. If you don’t want these options then there are also several electronic devices available which will help keep your feline friend in his home without any unwanted noise.

Neutering your cat is one of the most important things you can do to help with this problem. Not only will it make your cat less aggressive and more likely to want to hang out in the house, but it’ll also reduce a particular behavior that’s pretty dangerous for cats: roaming outside. 

Final Thoughts

Cats have such interesting personalities and it is fun to explore the different things that they do. Windows provide natural light and helps them to look out into nature which is great for your kitty’s mood! Windows also give people who live in apartments an opportunity to feel like they have more space.

Whether it’s because cats love watching birds fly by or simply enjoy observing the world from high up.

We hope that these tips will help make your home even more enjoyable with a window-watching feline friend.

Now go on and find your nearest window so you can try some of these tricks by yourself!

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