Why Do Cats Lick Blankets? How To Stop Them From Doing So?

Cats are known for their impeccable grooming skills. They constantly groom themselves and keep their coats clean. So the question is why do they sometimes lick blankets?

Licking a blanket seems to be an odd behavior for many cat owners but it can be explained by the cat’s natural instinct to make sure that every inch of its body is covered in its smell.

In this post we will discuss this topic in detail: Why do cats lick blankets and also, how to stop them from doing so.

The Top 6 Reasons Cats Lick Blankets

Cats are notorious for being picky about their food and water, but they also seem to have a preference for the blankets on our beds.

Cats will lick these blankets as well as other things like curtains or people’s clothes in order to get salty sweat from us that is often left behind after they are petted.

Now let’s explore the top six reasons why your cat might be licking blankets.

1) Cats need moisture in their diet

One of the most common causes of excessive blanket-licking is due to low water intake.

If you notice that your cat is constantly thirsty and drinking lots of water, then they could be experiencing dehydration which can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle overall. Make sure you’re giving them plenty of freshwater daily.

Also, try to give some wet food if they don’t already have access to it.

2) They like the texture of the fabric and the smell

Cats are attracted to textures and smells they associate with comfort.

Over time, blankets can pick up a lot of your natural scent which makes them attractive to cats after you’ve been around for a while.

The most common cause is that they might be looking for salty sweat left by people on their clothes or bedding, so don’t blame yourself if they lick themselves clean!

3) It’s warm 

Cats are looking for that special spot to curl up in. Blankets can provide a nice, warm place and they like the feel of the fabric as it’s one of their natural preferences.

4) The scent makes them feel safe

The most important thing to remember is that cats lick blankets because they feel safe. If you’re trying to get your cat away from the blanket, then try diffusing a new scent like lavender or vanilla in order to provide them with some reassurance.

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5) They’re playing with their prey

Cats will lick blankets like a cat toy. Cats have strong predatory instincts and they might be attracted to the taste of fabric as prey. That is why it can become a fun game for them when you try to take them away from their blanket.

Other reasons behind licking blankets are as follows:

Cats sometimes get bored and need an outlet for pent-up energy. Also, maybe they have been spayed or neutered. The surgery has left them with a decreased sense of smell, so they might not recognize where their food is coming from and instead lick something else to try to find it.

How to Stop Your Cat From Licking Blankets

If your cat is a blanket-licker, you’re not alone.

This is actually one of the more common issues we see in cats because they will often lick blankets to clean themselves, or as a way to relieve stress.

Blanket licking can be problematic though if it’s causing damage to the blanket and making your kitty sick with germs.

Here are six tips you can use to stop your cat from licking blankets: 

First Tip

Keep dirty laundry away from where your cat sleeps. 

Second Tip

Get a new bed for them that doesn’t feel like fabric- like an elevated pet bed, or even a hammock! Try using water-resistant fabric if possible.

Cats may associate the smell and texture of their favorite blanket as safety so why not make it less attractive? That way you can spend more time enjoying sleep free from frequent licks on your face when you wake up.

Third Tip

Sprinkle a little lavender or vanilla around your cat’s pillow to make the bed less attractive.

Fourth Tip

Put up some barriers. You can use pillows, blankets or cardboard boxes to block off areas for them that you don’t want them in.

Fifth tip

Replace their blanket with one of those fabric covers so they’re hard to reach!

Sixth tip

Give them something else more appealing to lick like an ice cream cone toy on a food mat.

These tips are great because not only will they prevent your cat from licking blankets but also help promote better hygiene all around. Plus why not give your kitty’s old favorite thing new life as well? Just make sure there isn’t any leftover residue on the fabric before giving it to them.

Is It Normal For Cats To Lick Blankets?

Cats are known for their love of blankets and other soft items. But is it normal for cats to lick blankets?

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Yes, It’s normal for cats to lick and suck blankets, for a number of reasons. They enjoy the taste and texture and may also like to suck on it.

In general, cats will often groom themselves by licking themselves clean, but they may also lick objects like fabrics or clothing as a way of showing affection.

The cat might be trying to offer comfort to the blanket’s owner if he/she is feeling sad or under the weather. 

Blankets can also provide warmth in cold climates so your furry friend may simply enjoy snuggling up with you when you’re not home! 

Cats also lick blankets as part of their grooming process. When a cat licks his fur it clumps together, trapping dirt and debris inside the clump that would otherwise get caught by their tongue or claws.

This behavior is something that most people find adorable but it’s important to keep in mind if your cat has been licking inappropriate items because there are some dangers associated with this habit! 

Cats lick blankets, they are not only cleaning and drying themselves but also removing these clumps from their fur.

The licking can provide comfort for your kitty if he/she is feeling anxious or restless as well.

This might be why some cats will suck on a blanket- it provides the same release of pent-up energy that sucking one’s thumb does to humans!

Why Does My Cat Keep Licking Fabric?

Have you ever wondered why your cat keeps licking fabric?

It’s a common question that we often hear from cat owners.

There are many reasons for this behavior, and we’re going to explore the most common ones so you can figure out what is happening with your furry friend. 

The first reason cats lick fabric is because they like the texture of it. Usually, this type of licky-fabric behavior occurs when there’s a new piece of furniture in their home or something has changed where they usually sleep (like moving into a new house).

Cats will also lick fabrics if there are certain foods on them such as canned tuna or milk products- these items have an odor that attracts cats and some cats will lick the fabric to get that smell.

They also might find fabrics a good place to groom themselves, and licking them can be part of their self-grooming process for removing dirt from their fur.

According to some vets, cats sometimes lick fabrics to get rid of unpleasant smells on their coats caused by parasites such as fleas or ticks.

You may notice this type of licky-fabric behavior when your cat is shedding because those clumps are hard enough for cats’ tongues to remove while they’re grooming themselves.

The last main reason why cats lick fabrics is due to anxiety or stress in the home environment- something has upset your kitty’s natural routine and he/she may have started licking household items in an effort to calm down somehow. This problem tends to be more common in cats who have been sheltered and then moved to a new home or adopted from shelters.

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For those of you with multiple cats, one might not like the other cat(s) being around him/her so he may start licking fabrics as a way to create his own space (sort of like why some people chew on pens when they’re anxious). What’s most important is that we figure out why your kitty is licking fabric because there are dangers associated with this behavior! Your friend will need medical attention if it turns out that something else has caused them to lick too much such as an infection due to parasites or allergies.

Why Does My Kitten lick My Blanket and Purr?

Kittens love to play with anything and everything they can get their paws on.

This includes your blanket! The kitten’s natural instinct is to lick the blanket because it feels like a tongue touch, which may have been how kittens played in the wild before domestication.

They also purr when they are happy or content so you might be hearing this behavior as well. If you are hearing this behavior, it is a sign that your kitten likes being with you and feels safe in the environment.

Final Thoughts

A cat’s natural instinct to groom itself by licking and sucking fabrics is nothing to worry about, as it can actually help keep its coat clean.

If you’re concerned that your kitty might have an issue with this behavior, talk to a veterinarian for more information or tips on how to manage the situation.

For most cats, there should not be any need for concern as long as they are getting plenty of love and attention from their owners.

We hope these insights into what could happen if your cat keeps licking blankets has helped! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us in the comment section.

We will be happy to assist you!

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