Why Does My Cat Lick My Dog? Know the Shocking Reasons

They say that opposites attract, but what are the odds of a cat and dog being buddies? Why do cats lick dogs? Why does my cat lick my dog? Well, there is no straight-forward answer. There are many reasons for why your kitty might be so interested in your canine companion.  

Some think it is because cats enjoy the taste of salt from dog skin. Others believe it is because licking another animal reminds them of nursing as kittens, which is soothing and pleasurable. The true answer remains unknown! In this blog post, we will explore a few possible reasons and some shocking facts why cats like licking dogs.

Why Do Cats Lick Dogs?Few Shocking Reasons

Cats are known to lick their own fur and humans.

This is likely a way for them to groom themselves, but why would they lick other animals? 

Cats will often lick dogs because the dog smells like food.

It’s usually when the cat has not had anything to eat in awhile or if it needs more protein in its diet than what it gets from regular food.

Not only do cats find this smell enticing, but so does your cat’s stomach! Do you have an overweight cat that just can’t seem to slim down?

You might want to consider feeding it some dog food every now and then- after all, they’re both meat!

Some other reasons why is your Cat licking Dogs are as follows

  • Cats may be trying to mark territory or establish dominance over a dog by licking them which can cause problems if done excessively because they can actually spread diseases from one animal to another!
  • Cats may be trying to clean their fur after being groomed by a dog’s tongue which feels very good on their skin due to natural saliva enzymes.
  • A cat might lick its paws and then smell them as a way of marking themselves with their own scent for other cats in the area. 
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Is it Normal for a Cat to Lick Dogs?

Cats are known for their love of licking almost anything, so it may not be too surprising that they lick dogs.

But is it normal?

Yes and no.

There are a few things to consider before you decide if your cat is just being friendly or showing dominance over the dog. 

The main thing to consider is whether or not the cat likes the dog’s smell.

Cats generally like other cats’ smells and don’t like dogs’ smells, but there are exceptions where cats will lick a dog because they have an uncharacteristic fondness for that particular animal’s scent (kind of like how some humans can’t resist giving puppies kisses).

Many cat owners believe that cats enjoy licking dogs. However, there are many reasons why you may want to discourage this behavior.

Cats have a tendency to use their claws when they groom themselves and while they might not be able to scratch your dog’s skin, it can be painful for the dog.

Cats also naturally produce a chemical in their saliva that can make your dog sick or even kill them so it is important you protect your pet from any potential harm.

While some people think this behavior is cute, if left unchecked it could turn into an obsession and cause behavioral problems with both animals!

If you notice either of these signs occurring then consult with a veterinarian or animal professional about how best to handle the situation before things get out of hand. 

Why Does My Cat Lick and Bite My Dog?

Have you ever noticed your cat licking or biting your dog’s fur?

It might seem strange, but there could be a reason for this behavior.

Cats often use their teeth to mark territory and identify other animals as friend or foe. This is why they might do it to dogs.

Cats may also use this as a way to groom themselves after being licked by your dog.

It’s more like a natural behavior for cats to lick and then gently bite your cute pups!

Why Does My Cat Slap My Dog?

If there’s one thing that cat owners and dog owners can agree on, it’s the fact that sometimes cats and dogs don’t get along.

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This is especially true in households where the animals are both indoors or outdoors for most of the day.

Though we may not understand why our pets fight so much, there are a few reasons that might explain it.

Your cat may be slapping your dog to show dominance or protect their territory.

They may also do it out of instinct, as they would with other cats. If you want them to stop, try changing the way you interact with each pet.

Cats that are allowed on furniture and near food will likely continue these behaviors and potentially hit a dog trying to eat off the ground when he is not supposed to be around those things in his home.

It’s best for both animals if pets are separated when one is eating or sleeping so neither feels threatened by another animal coming too close.

Why Do Cats Licks Dog’s Faces?

Many cat experts say that it is just an instinctual behavior from when they were kittens.

Cats licked their mother’s face to get her attention for food or when they wanted to be fed. So, now when your kitty sees your pup, she thinks he needs some lovin’ too! 

Cats are very curious creatures. They are always searching for something to eat, or a new place to explore.

Dogs can be very intimidating with their strong sniffing and barking so it is easy to see why a cat would not want one of these around its face!

So when the cat licks the dog’s face, it will leave behind some of his saliva which distracts him from doing anything else like licking or biting at the cat’s nose!

Why Does My Cat Rub Against My Dog?

It’s pretty common for cats to rub up against things they find interesting or novel, especially when they are feeling happy.

Cats may also do this in an attempt to mark their territory.

Dogs are not always thrilled with this attention from a feline friend and will often try to chase the cat away.

The feline instinct for rubbing up against anything that smells like their food or prey is hardwired into them from birth. It’s an instinctive way of marking territory and communicating with other cats when they come across something new or interesting. So when your cat rubs up against your dog, he is likely doing it as a form of communication

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Why Do Cats Lick Dog’s Ears?

Ever wondered why your cat licks the inside of your dog’s ear? It seems like a strange question but the answer is quite interesting and funny!

The reason is because cats love to lick salt off their fur and dogs are one of the only animals that sweat salts through their skin!

Cats will usually start licking when they’re tired or hungry so make sure you have plenty of food and water out for them! 

Cats often lick dog’s ears for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, cats are trying to groom their companion animal while other times they may be smelling the ear or tasting it.

It is also possible that the cat might be marking its territory by leaving behind pheromones, or hormones, in an area where there is already another scent from a previous cat who has marked before them.

In some cases though, when your feline friend licks his furry doggo’s ears, it could be because he wants to play with him and will let out a “meow” sound as well!


Most people think that a cat licking your dog is the same as the feline being aggressive, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Cats are known for their independent streak and they love to do things on their own terms- which includes deciding who they want to lick!

So don’t worry if you see them exchanging tongue lashings with each other in your home.

It’s just another sign of friendship between these two beautiful creatures.

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