How Much Sleep Should a German Shepherd Have? Everything You Need to Know

German Shepherds are loving, loyal and protective dogs that require a lot of attention.With over 4.5 million living across the United States and Canada, it is not surprising that many pet owners wonder how to keep their pup healthy and ha

As with any pet, how much sleep they need is largely determined by the individual dog. Factors such as age, size and breed all influence how many hours a day your German Shepherd needs to sleep in order to stay healthy.

This article will give you the necessary information on how much sleep a German Shepherd should have in order to keep them happy and active!

How Much Sleep Should a German Shepherds Have?

German shepherds are a big investment. Not only in the cost of buying one, but also the time it takes to train them and raise them. So, how much sleep does your German shepherd need? It is recommended that German shepherds should get 12-14 hours of sleep per Day.

However, this doesn’t mean you should let your pup go all day without any activity or company! Make sure to take him on walks during the day and play with him so he stays active and healthy! 

Factors that Affect Your German Shepherd’s Sleep

5 reasons why your dog may be waking up at night. From there, you’ll learn some tips on how to get your pooch back into a good sleeping pattern. The best part is that these tricks don’t require any special equipment or training! Let’s start

Change in Routine

A sudden shift in routine can lead to an increase in stress levels which  can cause a German Shepherds to have trouble sleeping.

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A German Shepherd is a breed of dog that requires a lot of attention. They are also one of the most popular breeds in the world.Their sleeping varies depending on their age. Puppies sleep anywhere from 16 to 18 hours per day, and adult dogs usually sleep about 12-14 hours per day. Older dogs generally only need 10-12 hours at night, which is why it’s important to make sure your pup isn’t sleeping for too long during the day! 

Exercise and Physical Activity

Exercise provides a lot of restorative benefits. Not only does it tire out your pup, but endorphin and serotonin levels increase when they are active which makes them feel more relaxed!

It is estimated that the german shepherd will sleep for 12-14 hours a day.

This is due to their high energy level, intelligence and need for mental stimulation.

They do not have the ability to shut down like other dog breeds because they are always looking out for potential threats or prey in their surroundings.

If you want your german shepherd to sleep more, put them through an intense workout before bedtime so they can start dreaming about all of the new things they just experienced!

Being active during the day provides mental stimulation for our pets which helps them sleep better at night.


Environment plays a huge part in how much sleep your German Shepherd will need. It is important to consider how many people and pets are nearby, how noisy the neighbor’s dog might be at night (or even during the day!), or what kind of noises there are outside that may keep them up! For an apartment-dwelling pup , be aware of how close the nearest train station is. If it’s too loud, you may need to invest in a white noise machine for your pup!

 Health Issues and Medication

 If you suspect that your German Shepherd has some sort of health issue, have him checked out by a veterinarian. They may prescribe medication for how much sleep your pup needs to be healthy and happy!

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The best way to find how much sleep a german shepherd should have is to observe them throughout the day while they are awake. You  can also observe how they act at night. If they are restless and constantly moving around in the middle of the night, it is likely that your German Shepherd needs more sleep.

It’s important to consider how much exercise you give them throughout the day as well because if they have a lot of pent-up energy from not being able to run or  swim for a long time, they will be more restless at night.

5  Practical Tips to give your German Shepherd a Better Sleeping Experience

German shepherds are active and intelligent dogs. German Shepherds need to be kept busy, or they will find their own activities such as chewing on furniture or barking at the neighbors. One of the best ways to keep your dog occupied is with a good night sleep! Here are five tips that you can use to help provide your German Shepherd with a better sleeping experience: 

1) Consider getting an orthopedic dog bed- Dogs require padding for comfort. Orthopedic beds have extra cushioning for support which will also help promote healthy joints in older dogs.

2) Provide plenty of toys- Providing chewable toys may distract your pup from destroying other items around the house while he sleeps

3) Keep them cool in summer and warm  in winter- You have to provide a place for your furry friend to get out of the sun during summer days and keep them warm in winter months .That will give him/her  a comfortable sleeping experience.

 Use fans (especially when it’s really hot) or an air conditioner throughout the day (during summer ) and invest in a heated Dog Bed to provide a comfortable sleeping experience in Winter.

 4) Get an elevated bed for them so they can be off the ground and level with your furniture .

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5) Keep other pets away from the bed- if you have cats or another type of pet (or kids!), make sure they don’t disturb your pup while he sleeps by either giving  them their own beds or keeping them far away from your pup’s bed.

This is how to give your German Shepherd a better sleeping experience.

How Much Sleep Do German Shepherds Puppy Need

German Shepherd puppies naturally sleep for about 15-20 hours per day. It’s important to note that the correct amount of sleep is different depending on the age of your pup, so you should be wary about comparing your puppy’s sleeping habits with an adult dog. While every pupper is different, there are some rules of thumb as well. For instance, if your pooch is a baby or a toddler (2-4 months) they’ll need around 16 hours total sleep time each day and gradually their rest requirement will decrease until it’s around 12 hours daily when they get to 3 years old.

When You Should Be Concerned

German shepherds are often lively and energetic.

They have a lot of energy to burn, which is why it’s not unusual for them to be awake at all hours of the night.

This can sometimes be attributed to anxiety or excitement about something going on around them, but there could also be another reason: sleep disorders.

German Shepherds may suffer from narcolepsy, insomnia or canine cognitive dysfunction syndrome (CCDS) in their old age as well as other problems like epilepsy, seizures and parasomnia.

These disorders might make your dog unable to sleep through the night without interruption due to sudden episodes of behavior that would wake him up such as barking uncontrollably, growling or panting heavily among others. If you’ve noticed any abnormal  behavior in your dog, then consult with your Vet ASAP.

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