Do German Shepherds Drool? 11 Reasons & 7 Tips to Reduce the Issue

German shepherds are a beautiful breed of dog, but do they drool?

The answer is yes. They do drool, and if you have one at home then chances are that you’ve noticed this for yourself.

We’ll be discussing the 15 reasons why do german shepherds drool and 7 tips to reduce the issue.

What do you mean by Drooling?

Drooling is the production and expulsion of saliva from a mouth.

The average dog drools anywhere between 60-200 times per day! The amount of drool a dog can produce at one time may vary depending on various factors such as breed and age.

Drooling is either voluntary or involuntary, with the majority of dogs exhibiting involuntary drool.

It can be caused by anything from allergies, to dental problems, to neurological problems and even cancer. If you notice your dog drooling excessively or exhibiting other unusual behaviors such as head shaking or not eating then it’s important that you consult with your veterinarian for an appointment today. 

11 Reasons of Drooling in German Shepherd

German shepherds are some of the most famous and popular breeds on this planet. They are highly intelligent, and have a natural desire to please their owners. One thing that is interesting about German Shepherds is that they can be prone to drooling due to hormonal changes during adolescence and adulthood. This article will explore what causes drooling in German shepherds, as well as ways you may be able to reduce it or prevent it altogether! 

If you’re looking for more information on why your German Shepherd dog might be drooling excessively, check out these 11 reasons of drooling in German Shepherd:

  • Drool from a dog’s mouth usually indicates an issue with hormone levels which influences saliva production. This is especially true during puberty and adulthood, when dogs are going through hormonal changes in their bodies.German shepherds do drool because of hormones – they go through a lot of them as they mature! Some German Shepherd owners say that if you give your dog rawhide or some other chew toy to occupy themselves with while the hormones do their work, it will cut down on drool.
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  • If you notice that your dog is excessively drooling and has a dry mouth then they may have an infection called Pemphigus Foliaceus which can be very serious if not treated.
  • If you have a German Shepherd dog that drools all over the floor, then it’s possible they do so because of an upper respiratory infection or allergies.
  • Some breeds are more likely to drool than others do and in some cases this can be due to their physical structure. For example with Labradors, Extra saliva production is often the result of their large, hanging tongues.
  • Some dogs are more prone to drooling because they have a condition called PICA which is an appetite for non edible materials and in these cases the dog often needs to be fed more nutritious foods or need medication that will help them overcome this disorder.
  • If your dog’s teeth are sensitive then it may cause them to drool more because they’re trying to compensate for the pain which in turn results into drooling.
  • If you have a German Shepherd that has dry mouth, then there’s probably an underlying health condition that needs attention like kidney disease or diabetes.It can also cause excessive drooling.It can be due to hypothyroidism or diabetes which can cause them to have low saliva production and dry mouth.
  • Excessive drooling is a common symptom of motion sickness in dogs. German shepherds are one of the breeds that experience this more often than others. They can get sick from car rides and boat trips as well. The causes for excessive drooling during motion sickness are not yet fully understood by scientists, but there does seem to be a correlation between increased saliva production and nausea or vomiting. One theory is that excess saliva helps wash away acid buildup in the stomach and mouth–a less unpleasant experience for doggy passengers!
  • In some cases drooling can happen due to neurological problems and even cancer . If your German Shepherd dog has any other symptoms like seizures, sudden weight loss or difficulty swallowing then you should take them to the vet immediately.
  • Dogs do drool all throughout their lives but it may be more noticeable when they’re older because of decreased saliva production as a result of age. Moreover, as your dog ages, he’s likely to drink less water which can lead to do german shepherds drool.
  • If your german shepherd’s drool, then it may be the result of a tumor or mass in one of their glands. another reason may be due to the size and shape of their teeth. German Shepherds have strong jaws which means that they can’t fully close their mouth all the way to do german shepherd’s drool.
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7 Tips to Reduce Drooling in German Shepherds

German shepherds are one of the most beautiful dog breeds, but they can also be a little drooly.

They have large tongues and sometimes it is hard to control how much saliva they produce.

However, there are many ways to stop your german shepherd from drooling so that you can enjoy your pet even more! 

Here are the 7 Tips on how to reduce drooling in German Shepherds:

1) Clean Their Teeth Regularly

You can reduce drooling in german shepherds in different number of ways.One of them is cleaning their teeth regularly.If your German shepherd is drooling occasionally (not much) then cleaning their teeth regularly will do the job.

Otherwise, if the reason is something serious,then you have to consult with your Vet . Depending upon the scenario, they will give medicine or perform small surgery to reduce that issue.

2) Give them Ice Cubes

If you give an ice cube in the summer or winter, it will keep their tongue moistened so they won’t drool much.

**WARNING: Do not give a dog any type of frozen treat too often because freezing things like green beans, carrots or bananas can cause tooth decay. If your German Shepherd drool sufferer, then they should only be given one or two ice cubes per day.**

3) Feed Dry kibble instead of Canned or Wet Food

Dogs that eat a lot of moist foods tend to drool more because it causes saliva production in the mouth and throat region.

Dry food tends not to produce as much saliva due to its low moisture content which can reduce excessive drooling in German Shepherds.  

4) Give Fresh Water at all Times

Give your dog plenty of fresh water so he/she is never thirsty or dehydrated, dehydration leads to increased salivation which may cause your german shepherds to drool.

A thirsty do german shepherds drool may also be a sign of an underlying health issue like kidney disease or diabetes and you should take your dog to the vet immediately.

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If do German Shepherd’s do drools, then they are likely over 18 months old because older dogs do drool.

5) Take Care

Take care if the dog has a fever as well. Fevers can make your dogs drool excessively due to mouth dryness and dehydration.

If they’re not feeling well, provide them with plenty of fresh water or ice cubes (a few times an hour) until they feel better. Keep them away from salty snacks while they’re sick! Icing their paws will also do wonders for replenishing the body’s fluids.

6) Exercise and Swimming

The final tip on how do German Shepherds stop from drooling is to do exercises which strengthen the muscles of their mouth and throat.

 Here are some exercises that can stop your GSD’s drool! 

Swimming is a great exercise for dogs because it works on balancing muscles as well as strengthening joints and ligaments in the back legs. It also gives them plenty of mental stimulation since they need to focus on following the person in front of them while swimming laps around the pool.

Another exercise is the “sit” command which helps train your dog to be more attentive when they’re being given commands. If you want to get really ambitious, try teaching your German Shepherd how to do tricks like jumping rope or running an obstacle course!

7) Using an Antihistamine like Benadryl

If your German Shepherd is drooling because of an allergic reaction, then Benadryl may help calm them and stop the excessive saliva production.

Consult with a veterinarian before giving any medication to your pet!

The only way to know for sure if do german shepherds drool because they have some type of do german shepherd’s drooling disorder is to take them into a vet for an examination.

Final thoughts

 You’ve just learned a ton of drooling facts, so be sure you remember them.

If your German Shepherd is still having trouble with dry mouth or excessive drooling after following our advice here, then it may be time to take him/her to the vet for an examination and diagnosis.

We hope this article has helped put your mind at ease about some common causes of canine slobbering and that next time you see a German Shepherd in need of help, you know what might have caused the problem!

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