Can Dogs Eat Twix?

As a dog owner, you should already know how hard it is for your dog to resist chocolates but can dogs eat Twix? It is a well-known fact that human food items like chocolates, jellies, and sweets are not meant for dogs. The primary reason is that their digestive system does contain enzymes to digest such food items.

So, while chocolate is poisonous for dogs, the same goes for Twix as well. Depending on the size and breed of the dog, it may lead to diarrhea and vomiting. If consumed in excess, Twix could trigger or lead to life-threatening health concerns. So, if your dog has consumed more than 10 grams of chocolate, you will need to take it to the vet.

However, let’s take our discussion further and see what makes Twix a not-so-preferable item for canines.

Is Twix safe for dogs?

No, Twix or any other chocolate is not considered safe for dogs. The thing is that chocolate not only contains chocolate but also other ingredients such as artificial flavors and sugar that are known to be harmful to dogs. Dogs are sensitive to some food items that are generally consumed by humans.

This means that you should opt for something healthier and sweeter for your dog to consume as a treat. Experts suggest that dog owners should offer homemade dog treats to ensure there are no harmful ingredients affecting the dog’s health.

What to do if a dog accidentally eats chocolate?

If a dog happens to accidentally eat chocolate, you should monitor it closely for any symptoms. Pets that are suffering from pancreatitis might consume large amounts of sugary, high-fat candy. At the same time, the symptoms will also depend on the quantity consumed.

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If it is anything more than 10 grams, the symptoms should be visible. In this case, you will need to consult your vet. If nothing else works, the vet might induce vomiting to flush out the dog’s digestive system.

How to treat chocolate toxicity in dogs?

The treatment of chocolate toxicity in dogs depends on the size, breed, and amount of chocolate consumed. If it has been a few minutes since your dog consumed chocolate, your vet may be able to provide medication to induce vomiting. Plus, the vet may also give activated charcoal, which blocks the absorption of theobromine into the body.

Furthermore, your dog may also require IV fluids to maintain its health and receive the important fluids it needs to recover. This means that you should keep chocolates and other sweets away from your dog at all times as they can lead to serious consequences.

FAQs related to Twix and dogs!

Can dogs eat candy bars?

Depends on the amount and the ingredients used. However, since candy bars do not offer any benefits, you should only offer them occasionally after ensuring they are safe for consumption. Plus, make sure that your dog does not suffer from allergies or any other underlying health conditions.

What is in Twix?

Twix contains lactose, skim milk, milk chocolate, artificial flavors, riboflavin, folic acid, enriched wheat flour, etc. This means it is not something you should be offering to your dog. If you wish to, opt for healthier alternatives.

What if my dog ate chocolate but seems fine?

Some dogs take longer to show symptoms depending on their size and the amount of chocolate consumed. So, if you observe that your dog seems fine, you should monitor it closely throughout the day as the symptoms might turn up after a few hours.


Concluding, dog parents should be really careful when it comes to offering sweets or candies to their dogs. Instead of opting for store-bought products that contain all types of harmful ingredients, it is better to make some at home so that the dog gets to eat something healthy at the same time.

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