Can Dogs Eat Tootsie Rolls?

Humans love to eat candies all year round but can dogs eat tootsie rolls? The fact is, candies are designed for human consumption. Dogs and their digestive system do not possess the ability to digest them properly. Plus, there may be some ingredients that could prove toxic to dogs.

Dogs can eat a roll or two without experiencing serious consequences. However, if it was to consume a large portion, the dog might face a problem. Chocolates, tootsie rolls, and sweets contain a lot of preservatives and ingredients that are totally not acceptable for dogs’ health.

Therefore, you need to be careful especially when Halloween is around the corner, and be aware of what you need to do if your dog manages to digest a bunch of candies.

Are tootsie rolls safe for dogs?

Although tootsie rolls do not contain a huge amount of chocolate but is enough to make your dog sick. Plus, the side effects also depend on the quantity and the type it has consumed. The reason is it is a well-known fact that chocolate is amongst the worst enemies of dogs.

Manufacturers use all kinds of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and other ingredients to make their taste delicious. While these products hardly result in any health concerns in humans but there have been many incidents in the past where owners had offered sweets and candies to their dogs only to end up visiting the veterinary.

What if my dog eats tootsie rolls?

If your dog has accidentally indigested one or two tootsie rolls, it should not concern you. But if you come to find out that the dog is acting fishy and the entire tootsie bag is almost finished, it means that your dog has overfed itself. Depending on the age and breed of the dog, the symptoms may vary.

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The most common symptoms include dehydration, seizures, tremors, etc. In such cases, you will need to keep a close eye on your dog for threatening symptoms and consult a vet as soon as you observe the very first sign.

If possible, take your dog to the vet along with the candy package. Share the amount consumed by your dog with your vet that will help him determine the actual amount consumed and the medications needed. If the situation cannot be controlled, the vet may need to induce vomiting to flush the dog’s digestive system or perform surgery if it has caused a blockage.

How can I prevent my dog from eating tootsie rolls?

Dogs are sneaky animals and can smell things from a distance. However, the good news is that you can prevent your dog from eating candies and experiencing serious health concerns. If you already know that you are going to have candies in the house, you should place them in a spot that is not accessible by the dog.

It is best to store the candies in locked storage. Plus, if you have kids in the house as well, make sure you inform them of the consequences if they were to feed candy to their dog. And since too much candy isn’t good for kids either, you should offer them in moderation to keep them safe.

In addition to that, you should also keep your trash locked up as dogs like to sniff around garbage disposals and will eat anything they like. This can lead to severe blockages and indigestion.

How much chocolate is safe for dogs?

Experts are of the view that approximately a half an ounce per pound of body weight dose of milk chocolate is safe for dogs to eat. In other words, three Hershey Kisses. This means that a healthy 40-pound dog would need to eat more than 60 Hershey Kisses to get into serious trouble.

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But then again, there might be some dogs that do not get into any trouble at all. Ingredients like xylitol and other artificial sweeteners are known to be harmful. It is a known fact that sugar-free products are toxic to dogs but not all. Only products that contain xylitol are concerning.

Therefore, if a particular candy contains even a small amount of xylitol, your dog may or may not experience the side effects later on. If that is the case, you should immediately contact your vet.

FAQs related to tootsierolls and dogs!

What kind of candy can dogs eat?

Even though dogs should not be offered candies but there are some that can be offered in moderation such as starburst, sour candy, skittles, etc. At the same time, watch out for any symptoms and avoid offering additional candy if the dog displays any unusual activity.

What’s in a tootsie roll?

Tootsie roll contains sugar, cocoa, lecithin, palm oil, and corn syrup, artificial and natural flavors. These ingredients may trigger allergic reactions in your dog, which means that you should always offer a small number of tootsie rolls in the beginning if you plan on treating your dog. This way, you will be able to prevent any serious health concerns from taking place.

Can I offer tootsie rolls to my puppy?

No, tootsie rolls are characterized as sticky and waxy. As a result, this candy could be damaging to teeth, especially in puppies. On top of that, the ingredients used aren’t beneficial either, which calls for choosing healthier alternatives.


In the end, there is no doubt that tootsie rolls along with other candies and sweets contain potentially harmful and toxic ingredients. Sometimes, your dog might eat some and walk away without any problems, while in other cases, it may require medication. Therefore, the best prevention measure is to avoid taking risks and opt for homemade alternatives that are free of harmful ingredients.

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