Is It Safe for Dogs to Eat Roses?

By nature, dogs are curious creatures. They’d poke their small noses in everything that attracts them. Dogs love running around bushes and munch on literally everything. In particular, your garden is not safe from your dog’s mischiefs either. All these cute instances make you wonder, can dogs eat roses right off the bush?

Can dogs eat roses?

Roses are not toxic to dogs. However, dogs should not eat roses in any way. But if any of the naughty fur babies did so, it is safe, and your dog will be OK.

No part of the rose plant is considered toxic for dogs. But then again, it’s not something dogs should be eating in the first place.

It is important to mention that we are strictly talking about the true Rosa plant. Several other plants have “rose” in their name, but they are not the true rose. Many of them are toxic to dogs. It is best to double-check the name before buying a new plant for your garden.

What happens if a dog eats roses?

Rose petals are safe for dogs to consume. However, its thorns can cause injury to your pet’s mouth and paws. If you pet eats a lot of them, it can cause a bowel obstruction.

How can rose be bad for your dogs?

Roses and its plant are safe for most animals. Your dog can eat a rose flower or some of its leaves, and it will be fine. Apart from some tummy issues, there’s not much a rose plant can do to harm your dog directly.

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That being said, there are some indirect ways by which your dog can be seriously affected. Let’s have a look:


Rose plants have a ton of thorns on its stems. They’re present mainly as a means of defense and pollination. But for your precious furry friends, thorns can be really bad. Thorns are pretty sharp; they can easily tear through your dog’s skin, causing a nasty wound. Or, if your dog has eaten some roses with the stems, the thorns may have caused some cuts inside the mouth too.

While cuts and bruises on the skin heal up fast, it’s the eyes you should be careful about. Your dog can unknowingly bump into a rose bush and hurt itself by thorns. Even a small scratch near or in the eye can be dangerous. Some common symptoms of a scratched eye include:

  • Redness
  • Excessive water from the eyes
  • Rapid blinking
  • Discharge from the eyes
  • Light sensitivity
  • Repeatedly rubbing the eye

If you notice that your dog has recently visited the rose bush, gently check their fur and mouth for any thorn-related wounds. Check their feet and remove any prickle you see. If everything seems well, there is no need to worry. But if you see blood anywhere on your dog’s skin or irritation in its eyes, call a vet immediately.

Rose care products

We agree that maintaining beautiful plants is not an easy deed. To do that with pet dogs is even a greater hassle. Nonetheless, you have to do both. Rose plants often come with a chemical treatment that keeps pests away from them. These chemicals can be dangerous to your dogs if they ingest them.

It is best to buy plants from authentic nurseries where you can ask if the plant treatment is pet friendly or not. Or you can keep your pets away from the new plants for a few days. Disulfoton is specifically used for rose bushes. Unfortunately, pets are often attracted by this and other fertilizers, but these chemicals are nothing but deadly for pet animals.

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Cocoa mulch is another way of keeping the soil fertilized. Most people use it as a soil cover as it looks attractive. On the other hand, dogs are attracted to the smell of cocoa. But like chocolate, cocoa mulch is terrible for a dog’s health. Avoid using chemicals like disulfoton and fertilizers like cocoa mulch if you have dogs at home. Ask a professional gardener for a dog-friendly variety of plant-care products.

How to keep your dog from eating roses?

It is almost impossible to curb your dog’s curiosities. But as a good pet owner, you can train them to stay away from things that can potentially harm them.

If you have decided to add roses to your garden, try finding the varieties with fewer thorns. It might be a bit expensive or harder to find, but anything for your precious dogs, right? You can always place a fence beside the rose bush as a last resort.

Keep the plant-care products out of reach for your pets. On days when you have to douse your plants with a chemical, try to keep your dogs inside the house. You don’t want them to accidentally inhale fumes or eat any of the infected plants.

Is rose always bad for dogs?

To put it in a word, no, rose and rose plants are not always harmful to dogs. In fact, if used correctly, rose plants have healing properties. Many pet owners are rooting for a more holistic approach to their pet’s health. Rose plants can be a versatile option under professional supervision.

  • Rose tea – works like a charm for eye infections in dogs. A couple of drops in the eye can instantly reduce inflammation and redness. It is also suitable for healing minor wounds and skin allergies.
  • Rose vinegar – it is made with apple cider vinegar combined with rose petals. Spraying it on dry skin gives a soothing sensation. Also, applying this vinegar to a dog’s dry fur softens the fur and gives it a new sheen. It is particularly good for repelling ticks and fleas.
  • Rose hydrosol – the smell of rose is one of the most common scents in aromatherapy. It relieves stress and relaxes the mind. Contrary to rose essential oils rose hydrosol is much cheaper and does the same job. It helps dogs suffering from anxiety, depression, aggression, and any trauma they’re experiencing.
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Related FAQs to dogs and roses!

Can dogs eat rose petals?

Dogs can eat rose petals but make sure that the petals are not doused with insecticides or other plant medicine.

What if my dog ate rose?

Your dog will most likely be fine if it has eaten some roses. However, they should not eat it in large quantities as rose plants can cause stomach problems.

Is rose water OK for dogs?

Rosewater is often used in aromatherapy for dogs. The rose scent is known to relieve stress and reduce depression and anxiety. It can also be used as a tick repellent or simply for a pleasant odor.

How do I stop my dog from eating my roses?

The only way to stop your dog from eating your roses is by locking them in a secure location away from your plants. This way, your dog will not be able to eat your roses.


As a pet owner, it is your job to keep your dog’s health a top priority. It is also your job to train them about the things that can potentially harm them. Your dog can eat a rose petal or two, and it will be perfectly fine. But you need to keep an eye on them so that it does not make it a habit or that they don’t cause any trouble with the thorny bushes.

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