Can Dogs Eat Pheasant? – Is Pheasant Meat Safe for Dogs?

Is your dog a trained bird hunter, or does it simply serve its duty of being an everyday pooch (this includes looking adorable at all times)?

Whatever the case, bird meat can be extremely appealing to it. The pheasant is an enchanting long-tailed bird mainly found in Asian regions. Usually bred as a game bird, the pheasant is a good contender for being a food option for dogs.

So, is the colorful bird-safe for dogs to consume? Is it okay for dogs to eat pheasants?

Can dogs eat pheasant?

Dogs can eat pheasant to gain lean protein. Vets highly recommend protein rotation; thus, they allow dog owners to feed pheasant to their Fido. Pheasant meat has fewer calories and less fat but more protein than other meats like beef, pork, and chicken.

Pheasant meat is rich in flavor; the meat is filled with minerals like zinc, potassium, iron, etc. Vitamins including A, B, E, and C are also present in pheasant meat.

Dogs need several types of nutrients in their diet. Pheasant is a great source of many required minerals and vitamins for them. Pheasant meat is juicy and delicious, making it a delight for dogs. Moreover, the risk of meat-associated obesity is also less due to the smaller calorie content of pheasant.

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What are the health benefits of pheasant for dogs?

The nutrients in pheasant meat account for many health benefits for dogs. Below are a few health benefits of pheasants for dogs!

Healthy bones and muscles

Protein is found in abundance in pheasant. The essential amino acids ensure stronger muscles and bones while repairing pooches’ cells and tissues. Pheasant contains even higher protein content than chicken and beef. It has a decent amount of calcium which also contributes to healthier bones.

Healthy nervous system

Potassium is present in pheasant meat which promotes an improved nerve function. It helps in nerve conduction by sending electrical charges throughout the body. Potassium also defends against kidney stones and strokes.

Improved immunity

Eating pheasant meat can also protect your furry friend from harmful diseases. Zinc present in the meat ensures a healthy immune system. It also aids in regulating thyroid function.

Better vision

Pheasant meat carries a decent amount of vitamin A. This antioxidant maintains healthy vision while also treating eye inflammations in dogs. The risk of eye infections is significantly reduced by intaking a balanced amount of vitamins.

Protection against free radicals

Free radicals are fatal. They can damage a dog’s enzymes, cell membrane, and DNA. Vitamin C in pheasant protects the dog’s body against free radicals while also treating any inflammation in the canine.

Enhanced metabolism

There is a decent amount of vitamin B in pheasant meat. It regulates different biochemical reactions in the dog’s body, maintaining a healthy metabolism. A healthy metabolism means more energy, reduced risk of obesity, and better sleep for your pooch.

Healthy respiration

Iron is necessary for the process of respiration. Iron is directly involved in hemoglobin formation, which carries oxygen from the lungs throughout the body. Pheasant meat contains a fair amount of essential minerals.

Healthy skin and fur

Vitamin E in pheasant ensures healthy skin and fur in dogs by protecting the skin cells against oxidant damage. A healthier coat is responsible for maintaining body temperature in pooches.

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Protection against kidney and heart disease

Omega-3 fatty acids in pheasant meat protect the pooch from developing dangerous diseases like kidney and heart disease. It also helps in treating arthritis in dogs.

How to serve pheasant to dogs?

Pheasant can be given raw, cooked, or in a freeze-dried state. You can either feed it whole or give only specific parts of the pheasant to the pooch. Pheasant feet, heart, wings, neck, or liver can be served separately to your dog.

If you are giving pheasant feet to your dog, remove the nails. They can damage your dog’s insides and be a choking hazard.

How many pheasants can dogs eat?

Like any other meat, pheasant should be given in moderation to dogs. The amount a dog consumes depends on its weight. You should feed meat to your dog equivalent to 1 to 2 percent of your dog’s body weight. 

So, if your furry buddy weighs 30 pounds, you can serve it 0.3 to 0.6 pounds of meat per day.

Related FAQs to dogs and pheasants!

Can dogs eat raw pheasant?

Yes, dogs can eat raw pheasant. You can either give the whole pheasant to your pooch or serve different parts of it.

Can dogs eat raw pheasant feet?

Dogs can consume raw pheasant feet. Before serving, remove the nails as they can be a choking hazard and may also damage the dog’s insides if ingested.

Can dogs eat pheasant wings?

You can separately feed pheasant wings to dogs. They are rich in protein and can be a good substitute for chicken, pork, or beef.

Do dogs like pheasant?

The juiciness combined with the tangy aroma of pheasant is very alluring to dogs. Raw or cooked, dogs love the taste of pheasant.

Final words on feeding pheasants to dogs!

Pheasant is nutritionally rich, making it great for a dog’s health. It can be a good substitute for beef or chicken if your dog is allergic to them. Bird dog owners hunt for pheasants themselves.

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You can find packaged pheasants in stores or buy them fresh from a butcher shop if you are not one. Make pheasant a part of your dog’s diet, and have fun watching your dog enjoy the succulent feast.

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