Is Nori Seaweed Safe for Dogs?

Nori is a famous seaweed, mostly used in Japanese cuisine. They are the thin, green sheets that are wrapped around sushi. Seafood lovers particularly love this seaweed, most probably because of its health benefits. Pet owners such as you may wish nothing but good health for your furry friend, and you may be tempted to feed nori to your dogs. But can dogs eat nori?

Can dogs eat nori?

Yes, dogs can eat nori but in controlled quantities. Nori is one of the healthiest seaweeds with a huge amount of vitamin B12 and other nutrients. As long as no seasonings and spices are added, nori is a healthy addition for your dog.

When we talk about seaweeds, we don’t mean the wild kind found on the beach. You must always be cautious about feeding any seaweed to your dog. As nori is a processed seaweed, it is safe for your dogs to eat it with their regular meals.

Health benefits of nori for dogs

There is no denying that nori is packed with healthy nutrients for your dog. Let’s take a look at what moderate consumption of nori can do for your dog’s health:

  • Unlike vegetables from the land, sea vegetables like nori have very low cellulose. This makes it easier for dogs to digest.
  • A dog’s body cannot make its iodine. They must get it from external sources. Iodine deficiency may cause hyperthyroidism. Thankfully, nori is rich in iodine.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids are great for a dog’s skin and fur.
  • Since nori has low calories and is easily digested, it makes a great supplement for obese dogs.
  • The presence of vitamin B12 in nori enhances cognitive abilities in dogs.
  • Antioxidants like flavonoids and carotenoids protect against cancer-causing free radicals.
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Can nori be bad for dogs?

Your dog can eat nori without any immediate threat. But there must always be supervision around the quantity and the method of serving.

Consuming large or frequent amounts of nori can cause iodine poisoning. Dogs need a very small dose of iodine to keep themselves healthy – 11mg per kilogram of dry food. Overdose of iodine can cause serious thyroid issues.

One of the most common problems with feeding seaweed to dogs is their habit of eating wild seaweeds. Once you’ve started giving them nori or any other seaweed, they will develop a taste for it. There’s a high chance that your pup will eat wild seaweed from the beach on your next trip.

Wild seaweed is polluted, but it is also high in sea salts. Salts, of any form, are toxic for your dogs. The seaweeds that get dried on the beach will expand in a dog’s stomach. It causes bloating and diarrhea. Eating seaweed right off the beach is nothing but bad news for your dog and you.

How to feed nori to your dog?

Try to get a good quality commercial nori. They come in dry sheets. You must never give nori as a full meal to your dog. Instead, treat it as a supplement. Give nori to your dog by crushing it into powder form and sprinkling it over your dog’s meal.

Ensure that the packed nori you get does not contain salt, onion or garlic. It would be best to get plain nori because human seasonings are toxic for dogs.

Related FAQs to dogs eating nori!

Is dried seaweed bad for dogs?

Seaweed is generally good for your dog, but it may expand in a dog’s stomach if they eat it in the dried form. Ensure that you feed dried seaweed in the crushed form to avoid intestinal blockage.

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How much dried nori can dogs eat?

For larger dogs, ¼ teaspoon of dried nori per day is sufficient. For smaller dogs, ⅛ teaspoon of nori is good for healthy growth. 

How much nori is good for dogs?

One tablespoon of crushed nori is enough for dogs per day. Sprinkle the nori over your dog’s meal, and they are good to go.

What seaweed is bad for dogs?

Dogs can eat most seaweeds in moderation. However, they must avoid eating seaweeds from the beach. These seaweeds contain large amounts of salts, pollutants, and even small sea animals like jellyfish. All these toxins may be fatal for your dog.

Concluding our thoughts on feeding nori to your dog!

Nori is a healthy addition to your dog’s meal. It is jampacked with wonderful nutrients that boost your dog’s health. But as a good pet owner, you must always be cautious about the quantity your dog eats nori. You don’t want too much of a good thing to be a bad thing for your precious dog, right?

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