Can Dogs Eat Mike and Ikes?

Dogs love to taste almost everything they can put their paws around but can dogs eat Mike and Ikes? Offering candies or sweets to your dog is not recommended even though some candies might not be harmful but may contain ingredients that will prove to be toxic in the long run.

Offering Mike and Ikes to your dog will result in nausea or diarrhea at most. After a few spells, your dog should be fine. However, that does not mean you should continue giving these candies to your pup. Candies can raise serious health concerns in the long run.

So, let’s take a look into why Mike and Ikes, along with some other candies, might be dangerous for your four-legged friend.

Is Mike and Ikes safe for my dog?

Mike and Ikes is made using artificial sweeteners, flavors, and other ingredients that might be toxic to your dog. Ingredients like starch, sugar, and preservatives are not properly handled by a dog’s digestive system as it is simply not engineered to do that in the first place. Making this candy a part of the pup’s regular diet will trigger consequences.

Similarly, bubble gum and sugar-free candies should also be avoided as they contain xylitol. Now, xylitol is lethal for dogs and can provoke several serious health concerns at the same time. With that said, if you were planning to offer sugar-free candies to your dogs, it might not be a good decision.

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If your dog happens to consume such candies, it might experience vomiting, toxicity, cavities, diarrhea, etc., or even worse in some cases.

What to do if my dog accidentally ingests chocolates and candies?

If you observe that your dog is displaying some unusual reactions after ingesting chocolates and candies, you might have to give medication to induce vomiting. Plus, if your dog already suffers from underlying conditions such as allergy or diabetes etc., you will need to consult a vet immediately.

The reason is that candies contain a huge amount of sugar that can trigger life-threatening reactions. As a result, you should keep an eye on your dog and act as soon as you see the first symptoms. Keep in mind that some symptoms might take hours to become visible, but by that time, the damage might be done.

Furthermore, if your dog has ingested bubble gum, it might be that it leads to choking. Finally, do not ignore the reactions or symptoms even if your dog seems perfectly fine. Some reactions take time to come into full force, and it is your job to prevent that from happening.

Can dogs eat sugar?

Sugar in itself is not too harmful to both humans and dogs. But if you have the option, you should keep it away from your dog as it can cause obesity and dental problems.

In the wild, dogs eat carbohydrates consisting of fibers while grazing on grass or consuming the stomach contents of their grass-eating prey along with sugars found in fruits.

Since the dogs are ingesting natural sugar in this case, they are not at harm. However, table sugar and modern sweeteners are not natural to dogs and pose a danger. Ingesting granulated sugar might lead to the imbalance and upset of the gut bacteria in dogs.

Which sweets are toxic to dogs?

The following types of sweets are toxic and dangerous for dogs:

  • Bubble gums
  • Candies
  • Baked goods
  • Chocolate
  • Foods sweetened with xylitol

Apart from candies and sweets containing sugar, you need to keep several other ingredients in mind as well, such as xylitol and other artificial sweeteners that are extremely toxic to dogs.

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Xylitol is mostly found in sugar-free mints and bubble gums, and it might also be present in drinks and other sweets. This artificial sweetener can cause hypoglycemia, stomach upset, and liver damage.

With that said, candies containing caffeine, dark chocolate, etc., should be avoided at all costs since dark chocolate can cause theobromine poisoning in dogs as it is toxic. In extreme cases, it can cause seizures, muscle tremors, stomach upset, and even death.

How to keep my dog safe from candies and sweets?

Dogs are curious animals, and some will eat before they look. This is why it is important that you simply keep candies and sweets out of their reach. At the same time, keep in mind that dogs have sensitive noses and can clearly smell candies and sweets. Do not assume that your dog won’t be able to find your hidden stash of Halloween candies.

To prevent your dog from reaching the candies, you should either lock the sweets in a closet or place them high enough that your pup cannot reach them.

However, if your dog has managed to eat some, you should call your vet right away. Candies can be toxic to your pooch, and waiting for the symptoms to appear might take too long. If possible, try bringing the wrapper of the candy along so that the vet is able to prescribe medicines accordingly.  

When can dogs eat sweets safely?

Dogs can eat sweets as long as they do not contain harmful ingredients. For instance, you can opt for healthy dog treats that can be offered occasionally. However, you should skip chocolates, hard candies, some types of ice cream, etc. Instead, you should go for fruits like watermelon, apple slices, etc., or bake a dog-friendly cake.

Moreover, if you have the skills, you should offer homemade treats to your dog rather than choosing store brought products. This way, you can ensure that the ingredients you are using are not toxic to your dog. Therefore, your pup gets to enjoy the treat, and it keeps the furry friend healthy. And, remember not to overfeed your dog. Consider its age, size, and breed before offering sweet treats.

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Related FAQs to Mikes and Ikes and dogs!

What happens if a dog eats a lolly or candy?

Eating too much candy can lead to a drop in blood sugar levels, liver failure, and pancreatitis in dogs. Initially, your dog will start vomiting, have coordination problems, and be dull. After a while, it may have seizures as well.

Pancreatitis is basically the inflammation of the pancreas and is very painful. The symptoms might take some days to show off, but you should closely monitor your dog in the meantime.

What candy can dogs eat?

Candies such as Starburst, Skittles, Blow Pops, Candy Corn, Smarties, sour candy, Jolly Ranchers, etc., can be offered to your dog but should not be overfed. Offering a small amount, preferably less than 10 grams, will be perfectly fine.

Does Mike and Ikes contain xylitol?

According to the ingredients, Mike and Ikes do not contain xylitol.

Can dogs eat ice cream?

Ice cream is not considered a healthy treat for dogs. Offering a small amount will not harm your dog, but you should not make it a habit either. And since ice creams mostly contain lactose, keep in mind that dogs’ digestive systems are not meant to handle that.

Concluding our thoughts on whether dogs can eat Mike and Ikes

Human candies and sweets contain safe ingredients for humans but not for dogs. Excessive sugar, starch, and other similar ingredients are amongst the worst enemies of your dog.

With that said, you should keep the sweets out of your dog’s reach and offer homemade treats to be on the safe side. If your dog consumes too many toxic candies, do not wait for the symptoms to appear; contact your vet immediately.

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