Can Dogs Eat Gogurt? Your Dog’s Probiotic Guide

Gogurt is a delicious low-fat yogurt that children love snacking on, but if you have a dog, you might be wondering whether this yogurt is safe for your pup to eat too? All dog lovers want to treat their dogs in the best way possible with tasty treats. Gogurt is super tasty but can dogs eat Gogurt?

Yes, dogs can eat Gogurt, but they shouldn’t eat it. This is because Gogurt is very high in fructose and contains a lot of corn syrup. Moreover, canines have a hard time digesting yogurt.

We all know that too much sugar is not suitable for us. If it is not good for us, it isn’t suitable for dogs either.

Composition of Gogurt and its impact on dogs

Gogurt contains protein and calcium. If your dog is going through digestive problems, you can give it Gogurt as a probiotic.

However, Gogurt is not an ideal choice for a probiotic. It has a lot of sugar and fructose. Lots of sugar messes up your dog’s diet. That is why it is recommended to feed plain yogurt to your dog that does not contain any artificial sweetener or flavor.

Precautionary measure for feeding yogurt to dogs

Before feeding any yogurt to dogs, ensure that it does not contain any artificial sweetener or xylitol. Both of these ingredients are toxic for dogs and make the dog sick.

What kind of yogurt is safe for dogs to consume?

If you want your dog to consume yogurt, you should look for plain options in the market. Find a yogurt brand that comprises live cultures, for example, Greek yogurt. Moreover, avoid yogurts with artificial sweeteners in them.

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Greek yogurt is a safe option for dogs because it does not contain a lot of lactose like regular yogurt. Plus, it is super healthy for the gut because it has no artificial sweetener.

Side effects of feeding Gogurt to dogs

Gogurt is not toxic for dogs, but it is still not recommended because a dog might have some trouble digesting it.

Some dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot digest lactose once they grow up. It is better to get your dog checked by a vet if they are lactose intolerant. Lactose intolerant dogs face the following side effects after consuming Gogurt:

  • Gas
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Pancreatitis (rare)
  • Potentially fatal illness (rare)

What to do if my dog ate Gogurt?

If your dog recently consumed Gogurt or any other artificially sweetened yogurt and facing side effects, it is recommended to get it checked by a vet.

Always check the fat content of a dairy product before feeding it to your pet dog. Dogs cannot digest a lot of fat, so dog owners need to be very careful.

How to feed Gogurt to dogs?

If you want your dog to enjoy Gogurt, you can give the pup a small amount to see if it reacts positively.

If your dog does not face any of the symptoms mentioned above, it is not lactose intolerant. The good news is that you can treat your dog with Gogurt every once in a while, and it should not face any problems.

Concluding our thoughts on whether dogs can eat Gogurt

Some dogs are lactose intolerant and cannot digest the lactose and fat content in probiotics. Gogurt comprises lactose and artificial sweetener, which is not safe for dogs. It is better to look for good-quality probiotic supplements for your pet dog. It will be better to consult a veterinarian for a recommendation of good probiotics for your pup.

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