Are Doritos Safe for Dogs? – Explained

You might love sharing snacks with your furry friend, but have you ever wondered whether dogs can eat Doritos? There is no doubt that Doritos are amongst the most popular snacks globally, and your dog would like to taste it as well, but not everything is supposed to be fed to your walk partner.

Doritos are not meant for dogs and contain preservatives and artificial flavors that are not suited to their health. However, one or two bites won’t cause any harm but should be avoided. And, since your dog’s health is your utmost priority, you should understand why Doritos might be harmful and what alternatives you can opt for. Let’s discuss.

Can dogs eat Doritos?

You might already be aware that Doritos come in a wide variety of flavors. Like Cool Ranch Doritos, some tend to contain garlic and onion in abundance, which might harm your dog’s health. However, your dog will only be affected if it munches down the entire bag.

If your dog manages to eat one or two chips of Doritos, you should not be worried about it. At the same time, experts suggest that Doritos should be kept away from your dogs, if possible. The reason is that regardless of the flavor you choose, Doritos always contain a significant portion of salt and fat.

These ingredients are not beneficial to your dog, and if you offer these chips regularly, do not be surprised if you notice a receding waistline since Doritos will take a toll on your canine’s health.

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In addition to that, you should never leave your dog with a Doritos bag. It can get its heads stuck inside the bag, leading to suffocation. Such incidents have happened in the past and need to be considered by the owner.

Can Doritos kill my dog?

No, Doritos will not kill your dog. The amount of Doritos a dog can eat depends on the type and breed. Some dogs may walk away without any signs & symptoms, while others will experience diarrhea. Even if your dog tends to eat the whole bag, the most it will experience is vomiting.

Offering a chip to your dog won’t harm it, as mentioned previously since a bit does not consist of too much salt and garlic.

However, in case your dog continues to eat more than a few chips, you should be worried. Most likely, your dog will experience poisoning. If you observe your dog acting unusual, you should keep a close eye on it and look for signs such as pale gums, dry heaving, intense vomiting, etc.

Additional Doritos concerns

While Doritos are not toxic to the point where they could kill your dog, humans tend to mix them up with other food items that can add fuel to the fire. If you offer something to your dog that combines one or two snacks, you should be careful about it.

For instance, Guacamole is known to be deadly to dogs as it has a toxin called persin in it. Persin can lead to several health complications such as vomiting, diarrhea, and other digestive problems. Plus, if consumed in high quantities, it can also turn fatal.

Furthermore, onion dip is also toxic for dogs as it contains onions. Even though onions will only harm your dog if taken in high quantities. It is better to avoid offering dips that are too spicy, salty, or contain ingredients that may harm your dog.

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Meanwhile, there are several other options, but that does not mean you should give them to your dog as well. For example, Hummus contains spices that may irritate your dog’s digestive system. The same goes for salsa. On the other hand, Queso will be devoured by your dog if provided, but it contains so much fat that you should offer it occasionally.

What is salt poisoning?

When a dog consumes excess salt, it results in vomiting after a few hours of consumption. This is called salt poisoning.

While feeding snacks to your dog, you should keep in mind that the canine digestive system is not designed to digest human foods. Therefore, digesting salt and sodium is something they have a hard time with. If your dog happens to eat a lot of Doritos, it can suffer from salt poisoning.

Keep in mind that 28 grams or about 12 Dorito chips contain 9 g of fat and 210 mg of sodium per serving. The amount of salt content is too much here. In fact, it is more than the daily recommended intake. Therefore, it can cause sodium poisoning in your dog as well.

Salt poisoning can be lethal, especially if your dog already suffers from underlying conditions. Your dog may experience difficulty in urinating, potential kidney failure, or even death. If you observe your dog experiencing seizures, diarrhea or vomiting, etc., you should immediately consult a vet.

What are some healthy alternatives to Doritos?

Every time your dog acts like a good boy, you want to treat him with some tasty treats. You should opt for something that is healthy at the same time, and we are not talking about Doritos. If your dog loves to share snacks with you, you should avoid eating Doritos when it’s around.

Foods such as the ones below are healthy snacks to feed your dog instead of Doritos:

  • Apples
  • Celery
  • Peanut butter
  • Tuna
  • Dog treats
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Keep in mind that dog treats are only meant to be offered as treats. You should not replace them with regular healthy food.

Dogs are quite smart creatures. They will notice you eating snacks regularly and will demand the same. So, you need to implement strict rules about their diet and what they can eat occasionally.

Related FAQs

Can dogs have a few pieces of Doritos?

Yes, a few pieces of Doritos won’t harm your dog but make sure not to make it a habit. If you have a healthier option, opt for that instead of offering Doritos. Ingredients like salt, corn, and fat will negatively influence your dog’s health.

What chips are allowed for dogs?

Dogs can have any chips as long as there is no salt in them. However, unsalted chips still contain fat which isn’t safe for your dog.

Are Doritos toxic for dogs?

Doritos are not toxic but aren’t healthy either. They contain several harmful dyes and hydrogenated oils, which are bad for both humans and dogs.

Wrapping up our thoughts on whether dogs can eat Doritos!

So, offering some Doritos to your dog occasionally won’t hurt by the end of the day. However, if you make it a habit, you will be putting your dog’s health at risk. With that said, you should offer it something that is comparatively easier to digest and helps it improve its overall health.

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