Can Dogs Eat Olive and Olive Oil? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Beneficial for heart health, digestion and long history of using it in sacred ceremonies, now-a-days ,the amazing health benefits of olive and olive oil have been proven by modern science. Apart from its innumerable health benefits, the Mediterranean wonder oil is also considered as “Stress Relievers.” You can consume it as snacks or appetizers or you can use olive oil as a key component in preparing delectable dishes like pasta, salad , skillet chicken etc.. But do you know that you can share olives or add olive oils with your furry doggy’s diet?

Here, we will discuss all the health benefits and how you can safely add olive and olive oil to your furry dog’s diet .

Facts you must know about olive and olive oil

Olive is a small, edible fruit that grows on olive trees. Actually, olive is a fruit, not a vegetable. Olives are green in color when they are immature and turn to black when they ripen. Some olives can become green even if they become fully ripen.

The liquid fat which is known as “Olive Oil” is extracted from olive and used as a key component in preparing various delicious dishes like pasta, salad, sandwich, skillet chicken etc..

Apart from using it for cooking purposes, Italians and Greeks have been using olive oil for centuries for protecting their skin .The good news is that you can use it too to develop a healthy, beautiful and shiny coat for your dog as well.

If you look at the nutritional aspects of olive ,we can see that it is filled with calories, protein, fiber, carbs, Vitamin E and other powerful antioxidants.

You can find olive in both organic and processed varieties. Processed varieties come as a form of canned, pickled or stuffed olives.

Now let’s understand the difference in health benefits between olive and olive oil. Olive oil is 100% fat, whereas whole olive contains only 20% fat. Olive is packed with sodium whereas olive oil is sodium free which is another fact that you must remember.

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Another important fact is that 1 tablespoon of olive oil supplies 120 calories whereas a whole olive supplies 40 Calories.

Can dogs eat olive?

Yes, dogs can safely consume olive but with certain moderation. If you have decided to offer olive to your pet, please make sure to offer it without pits. Olive pits can choke your Dog. While it has been backed by science, that adding olive to your dog’s diet won’t have any toxic effects, however, it is not suggested to add olive in your four legged friend’s diet every now and then. The reason behind this is that if your dog is getting adequate protein and fat from his/her daily diet, then it won’t need olive as that will add extra calories to the existing diet of your dog. So, feeding too much can lead to weight gain.

Amazing health benefits of olive oils to your dog

Now when it comes to Olive Oil, Research Studies have shown that olive, olive oils and other oils like sunflower, safflower oil helps to reduce inflammation in your pups. The olive oil is a staple in Mediterranean diet and also considered as “Heart Healthy Diets for Americans.” It’s a good choice to offer a well-balanced diet along with something which is packed with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Below are the following health benefits of olive oil if you share it with your furry friend.

  • Beneficial for Heart Health and Prevent Diabetes: Olive oil contains ample amounts of monounsaturated fatty acids which reduces the chance of cardiovascular disease and diabetes in your dog. Olive oil helps to reduce sugar levels, LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) and Triglycerides in your pup’s blood.
  • Prevents Cancer: Olive oil contains Oleic acid, Squalene and Terpenoids which helps to prevent Cancer in dogs. According to statistical data, 50 percent of dogs over the age of 10 suffer and die from Cancer each year.
  • Boosts Immune System: Olive oil is blessed with high level of Antioxidants, Vitamin E including Polyphenol, Carotenoid which is highly beneficial in boosting the immune system of your dog. 
  • Good for Skin and Coat: Olive oil conditions the skin and adds moisture to your furry dog’s skin and coat. Adding Olive oil to your pup’s diet helps to create a healthy, beautiful shining coat.
  • Improves Brain Functioning: Researchers from Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University have stated that Virgin Olive oil could help to boost the brain power and halt the aging process. Olive oils can benefit senior dogs also, offering them once in a day helps your dog’s mind stress free.
  • Protects Joints: If you have energetic and very active dogs or senior dogs in your house, then you can use olive oil to keep their bone joints healthy and improve their overall mobility.
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Risks associated with Olive and Olive oil for dogs!

There are some risks associated with sharing Olive and Olive oils with your four-legged friend. First thing is that pits are harmful for your dog as it can cause choking and blockage of airways. So always try to remove pits if you’re offering Olives to your pet.

The next thing is that Olives contain Sodium whereas Olive oil doesn’t. Excess Sodium can exhibit  weakness, lethargy in your dog. The excess sodium is generally harmful for your dog as it may dehydrate your dog. The canned Olives are mostly loaded with excess salt and brines which if consumed in a larger amount may cause dehydration in your pet.

When it comes to pickled Olives, they are often made of garlic and other ingredients which may be delicious for us humans but extremely harmful for your four-legged friend.

If your puppy is getting a well-balanced diet then there is no need of adding Olive or Olive oil on a daily basis, however it is okay to share it as a side dish.

Remember 1 tablespoon of Olive oil contains 120 calorie and 1 whole Olive contains 40 calorie. A healthy adult dog daily needs average 400 calories/day. If he/she is getting enough calories with his/her daily diet, then your dog won’t need daily Olive or Olive oil. You can use this basic calorie calculator to find more about calorie requirements.

Can dogs eat Olive oil for constipation?

If your Dog is suffering from constipation, then adding a small amount of Olive oil greatly benefits him/her. Actually, Olive oil acts as a lubricant in the digestive system of your doggo, which helps solids slide and pass through with ease. So, Olive oil acts as a good lubrication for healthy bowels.

You can give ½ teaspoon of Olive oil per 20 pounds of dog in each meal.

Can dogs eat black Olives and Mushrooms?

Actually, when olives are fully ripen, they turn black. There is no major nutritional difference between black and green Olives. Now when it comes to Mushrooms, Dogs don’t need mushrooms in their diet as they are getting all the essential nutrients from their daily diet. So, it is better to avoid Mushrooms. If you are relishing a diet which has mushrooms and your dog’s taste buds want to embrace it, then you can share some portions from your meal. Just make sure that the Mushroom is properly cooked on your household kitchen and not a part of a processed meal. 

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Can dogs eat Olives with Pimentos?

Your dog is a carnivorous animal so offering not more than 10% plant foods in his/her diet is a safe bet. If your dog has any Gastrointestinal problems, then you should avoid Pimentos. This plant food may cause some Gastrointestinal upset, vomiting if your dog hates them.

Otherwise, if you are offering Olives with Pimentos to your dog for the first time, then keep an eye on him. If there is any issue, then contact your Vet as early as possible.

Can dogs eat rice with Olive oil?

Yes, dogs can eat cooked rice with Olive oil .There is no harm in it. We have already mentioned some surprising health benefits of Olive oil for your dog. So offering it with properly cooked rice is certainly a nice treat for your cute dog.

Can dogs eat Sardines in Olive oil?

Dogs can eat Sardines but Sardines in Olive oil is not at all recommended as Olive oil is filled with monounsaturated fat and same for sardines as well. As sardines are high fat food, so serving with Olive oil is not a good option.

Can Olives kill my dog?

The answer is No. Whenever you are offering Olives to your dog, try to remove the pits as it may choke or block your dog’s airways. So, pits in Olives can lead to serious situations if ingested and swallowed in large quantities. Another point is that, offer Olives to your dog with moderation and as a treat only and avoid any type of artificial sweetener, excess salts etc..

Can dogs eat Olives in Brine?

Brine is a mixture of high concentration salt in Water. It is used as a preservative in meat-packing. It actually adds flavor to Olives or any kind of food. If the Olive is containing excess salt or brine, it can dehydrate your dog if consumed in a larger amount. Please contact Vet in that case!

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